Desire more time to grow your brand?

Not clear on what words to put where your on website?

Don’t know where to begin with launching your podcast?

Not sure how to write engaging emails?


just between you and me - this really isn’t your fault.

you create in your genius zone of content and solutions, I’ll function in mine of clarifying your voice to your ideal customer.


I need…

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podcast producer, marketing, or consulting services


  • podcast launch strategy,

  • marketing plans,

  • direction + editing services, and

  • expanding interview reach.

To experience:

  • increased audience + engagement,

  • possibility of ad revenue, and

  • decreased time creating content.

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email campaign



  • fully crafted email campaigns,

  • email opt-in strategy,

  • clever subject lines, and

  • powerful content.

To experience:

  • increased revenue from emails,

  • wider audience reach, and

  • higher open rate.

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web design +



  • fully crafted company copy for site,

  • beautiful + unique web design,

  • compelling + authentic words, and

  • power of story.

To experience:

  • more customer clarity,

  • increased revenue from site, and

  • increased brand impact.

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Jordan Lee Dooley

Speaker, Author, Influencer

Service: Podcast Producer + Marketing Manager

> 2.5M Podcast Downloads

> 230k Instagram Followers

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Tekitha Washington

Artist + Wu Tang Clan Female Vocal

Service: PR Launch Management

> Wu Tang Forever album features

> Lex Diamond Story album features


Deann Hebert

Renowned Artist, Anthropologie Collaboration

Service: Email Campaigns + Social Media Manager

> 100k Instagram Followers


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Podcast Pitching 101

If you’re ready for an interview on your favorite podcast show, but not sure how to craft that email - I got your back. Click here for a free guide on what to include, what to leave out, and how to make yourself stand out.



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Elizabeth Evans is the owner of EE Marketing Studio, a woman-owned, full-service marketing agency. She has partnered with world-renowned artists, best-selling authors, speakers and influencers to help them build their brand, expand their reach and amplify their voice.

With a background as a business analyst, Elizabeth brings a process-oriented approach to marketing, helping her clients soar from Point A to Point B. She is both creative and results-oriented - being equally delighted to chat about your revenue projections as your art direction. She’s ready to dive deeply into those details you don’t exactly love to spend time with - and may be the only marketing person you’ll meet who can navigate Excel like a champ.

Highly personable without losing her ‘get-things-done approach’ - Elizabeth brings fun, humor and meaningful relationships into her work. She is constantly observing and connecting the dots (hello, Enneagram Five-ness!), giving her an uncanny ability to understand her clients and put words and a voice to their thoughts and ideas.

Elizabeth is also a writer and speaker who is passionate about helping women discover their strengths, find their identities and navigate the ever-tricky balance between achievement and authenticity. A natural coach, Elizabeth loves coming alongside women, influencers, artists and brands to help their important messages be heard.

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