Frustrated that your creations aren’t reaching those that need them most? Just between you and me - this really isn’t your fault.

you create in your genius zone of content and solutions, I’ll function in mine of clarifying your voice to your ideal customer.

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I’m a wiz with words and sizzle with story, so let’s take the dreams from your mind and place them into the hearts of those who need it most.

I’m a producer, writer, speaker, Enneagram five, people observer and soon to be best friend of yours.


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Podcast Pitching 101 FREEBIE

If you’re ready for an interview on your favorite podcast show, but not sure how to craft that email - I got your back. Click here for a free guide on what to include, what to leave out, and how to make yourself stand out.

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podcast services

  • podcast launch strategy,

  • marketing plans,

  • direction + editing services, and

  • expanding interview reach.

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email strategy

  • revenue generating campaigns,

  • creative lead magnet creation,

  • strategic automations, and

  • impactful content.

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front end web design

  • optimized copy,

  • unique design aesthetic,

  • compelling content, and

  • power of story.

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Mallory Ervin

YouTuber, Influencer, Podcaster

Service: Podcast Launch Strategy Creator + Web Copy Writer

> Podcast debut at #2 on Apple Podcasts

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Jordan Lee Dooley

Speaker, Author, Influencer, Podcaster

Service: Podcast Producer + Marketing Manager

> Podcast debut at #2 on Apple Podcast

> 3M Podcast Downloads

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Tekitha Washington

Artist + Wu Tang Clan Female Vocal

Service: PR Launch Management

> Wu Tang Forever album features

> Lex Diamond Story album features


Deann Hebert

Renowned Artist, Anthropologie Collaborator

Service: Collection Launch Strategy Creator + Email Campaigns Copy Writer

> 100k Instagram Followers


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